Here are more great ready-to-wear inspiration posts from our #MakeThisWithThat series on Instagram. Read on to see some great ideas for the Whistles Shirt, Stafford Jacket, Picasso Pants and more!

Today's #makethiswiththat plays with proportion. This silver lame' ready-to-wear shirt immediately made me think of our Whistles Shirt pattern. Imagine the Whistles lengthened with the sleeves rolled up (or shorten the sleeve to 3/4?). Then, pair it with a cropped pair of Hudson Pants. Very chic! 

This week's #makethiswiththat might take a little more imagination, but it could definitely be done. I found this multi-thousand dollar jean jacket online, but I think you could get the same look by eliminated the flap pockets on the Stafford Jacket pattern and adding your own giant pockets. Right? I mean, you will still have the yoke and seam details from the Stafford, but I think that might add a little interest. What do you think? 

This week's #makethiswiththat is a fabulous slouchy summer shirt. To recreate this for your own wardrobe, simply lengthen our Siena Shirt pattern. You could mix any number of prints, but I love how they simply flipped the stripes. 

Loving the new spring look from Gudrun Sjoden. But, you know how it is, I can't help but think, #Icouldmakethat - And with a little pattern searching, it turns out that I totally can. Today I'm going to share some #makethiswiththat inspiration! ...
First up, this super chic long jacket/short pant ensemble. I considered using our new Flatiron Coat but I think a lengthened Chicago Coat would be a better choice. By the by, there is a tutorial for that on the blog. Pair it with some West End Pants and voila! Wouldn't it be fab in black linen?

Continuing our #makethiswiththat theme of the day, this outfit is a no-brainer. A black sweater knit Eureka Top over a striped knit Urban T-shirt. I probably would leave off the ruffle on the Urban so it wouldn't bunch under the Eureka. For the pants I would just use the Urban Pant pattern. You could remove the detail at the bottom, but I would leave it for a bit of added interest. 

And for the final post of today's #makethiswiththattheme, I pulled this fun Gudrun Sjoden outfit. Our London Shirt pattern is a good copycat pattern, just don't add the collar. And for the pants, a knit pair of the Picasso Pants will totally recreate this look. And, fun fact, a knit pair of Picasso Pants may be the world's most comfortable and flattering pant. It's a win-win. 

Today's #makethiswiththat was inspired by Chanel's Spring 2019 ready-to-wear collection. Karl went crazy with gorgeous wide legged cropped pants, which look a lot like our West End Pants. To recreate this silhouette, I would pair our West End Pants with a MixIt Top and add a wide belt. 

I love this ready-to-wear look - and it would be so easy to re-create! Make a lengthened MixIt Tank and pair it with some flowy West End Pants. Add our Knotted Scarf and you are set. 

 Here in Kansas we are currently under a heat advisory, but that isn't stopping me from thinking about fall sewing. Today's #makethiswiththat has definitely got me thinking about a fall plaid Chateau Coat with a ZIPPER front. I love the giant plaid, it is totally giving me a fall foliage, sitting around the campfire vibe. What about you?

It's #makethiswiththat Monday! Take the simple shape of our new Splice Top pattern and add embroidery along the bottom. I saw this ready-to-wear shirt and thought what a lovely idea! And then I thought, I can totally make that (and so can you.) I would probably add a stitch around the neckline as well. Or, you could just add embroidery on the side panels of the Splice and keep the main body solid. So many ideas!