Printing & Assembling A Home Printer Pattern

Before you start assembling your PDF pattern, you will need to download it.  Click here for help with downloading

Printing your Home Printer PDF Pattern

Our digital pattern and tutorial files are formatted as a PDFs. Use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to open and print the file. If you don’t already have it, you can download the updated version here.

All patterns are full-scale with all sizes included. Each download pattern includes an instruction file, and three pattern piece files; home printer, U.S. Copy Center, and A0 Copy Center. 

Printing Specifics

  • Do Not Scale to Fit, Do Not Crop, Print Scale at 100%
  • No Additional Borders

Step 1. Before you print out the whole pattern, print page 1 and check that the Test Square measures 1" x 1", or 2.5 x 2.5 cm. This will ensure that your print is the accurate size. If the square is off, you may need to adjust your print settings. Check to see that your printer is set to the specifics listed above. 

step 1 a1sx2 600 measure

Step 2: When you have confirmed that the test square is accurate, print out the rest of the pattern. While the pattern is printing, gather the tools you will need to assemble the pattern – paper scissors, and tape or a glue stick. When the pattern is printed, look through the pages and make sure everything is printed out correctly.

Assembling your Home Printer PDF Pattern

Step 1. On page 1 of the pattern, there will be a note that tells you what page contains the pattern assembly layout sheet. Find that page, it contains a "map" of how you will place the pages. Follow this map as you start to tape your pages together. 

step 4a1sx2 600 zayn1 

Step 2. To begin assembly, start by cutting the right border edge off all the paper sheets. 

step 3a1sx2 600 zayn4

Step 3. When you have all the right borders trimmed, tape the pattern together. Start at the top left of the pattern layout map with page one. Place the right cut edge of the page against the border line of page two. Tape or glue. Continue in this manner to make the horizontal rows of the grid. 

step 5 a1sx2 600 zayn5

step 6a1sx2 600 zayn6

step 7 a1sx2 600 zayn8

Step 4. Above, you can see the first couple of sheets taped together for rows one and two of the pattern grid. Once all your rows are completed, you will go back with your scissors and cut the top border off the rows. See below. 

step 8a1sx2 600 zayn9

step 9 a1sx2 600 zayn10

Step 5. Now, match the pattern lines on each row and tape. Put the lower pattern row on top of the upper. In the image below, the second row of pattern sheets is placed on top of the first, lining up the pattern lines. Tape the rows together. Continue in this manner until the full grid is put together. 

step 10 a1sx2 600 zayn11

Step 6. Once the full pattern is assembled, cut out the paper pattern as you would any tissue pattern. 

step 11 a1sx2 600 zayn12