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5/17/22 How to Sew a Linen Poncho with Linda Lee: Have you been looking for the perfect breezy poncho for the summer? Well, here it is! Tune in to learn how Linda created a designer-inspired linen poncho, perfect for pairing with linen pants or a skirt. She also talks about working with linen, her tips for washing it, and what makes cross-dyed linen. Shop the fabric, patterns, and tutorials featured in this video here. The promotions will expire 5/23/22.

Video Timeline: 0:32 Edgewater Skirt and Dress Kits 3:36 Folk Art Museum in Sante Fe 4:23 Antieau Gallery 7:45 Sewing a linen poncho 12:40 Crossy-dyed linen 13:50 Finishing the poncho & using bias tape 20:20 Q&A 27:30 Fabric showcase 31:56 The Sewing Workshop Signature Techniques Tutorial 32:33 Q&A 35:46 The Hudson Top, Inventor Shirt, San Diego Shirt, and Bells and Whistles 37:20 Q&A 

5/10/22 On-Trend Sewing Inspiration with Erin & Alex: With Linda on vacation, Erin & Alex take charge and bring you a special presentation of this season's fashion trends including notable colors, eye-catching elements and must-have looks. From the runway to your sewing room, you can take these inspirations into your Sewing Workshop garment making. Spring 2022 is all about bold colors, striking stripes, psychedelic prints and loungewear 2.0. Enjoy! Shop the sewing patterns, fabric, and tutorials mentioned in today's video here. Promotions expire 5/16/22.

5/3/22 French Market Style with Linda Lee: This week Linda is sharing a special fabric that is perfect for the Ikina Two Jacket and Gardenia Dress. It's fresh, bright, and ready for summer. Tune in to learn techniques for sewing drapey rayon challis. Linda will also discuss how to discover new color schemes from art, magazines, and interiors and how to use the colors in your wardrobe. Shop the fabric, patterns, and tutorials featured in today's video. All promotions expire on 5/9/22. 

Video Timeline: 1:15: Weight of fabric 2:30 The Edgewater Skirt Sew Confident! project 7:40 The French Market Fabric 10:50 How to find interesting color schemes 17:55 Working with croquis 25:35 Fabric showcase 34:08 Q&A

4/26/22 Variations on the West End Jacket with Linda Lee: This week, Linda is sharing some fun ideas for one of our favorite third-layer pieces, the West End Jacket. Tune in to see how special guest Linda Wardlow created a pullover version, as well as how to lengthen the pattern. She also shares a great fabric showcase of fun knit prints and super-soft French terry knit fabric. Shop this week's featured fabric, patterns, and tutorials: All promotions expire on 5/2/22.

Video Timeline: 0:15 Eureka Top Patchwork Dress 4:18 Edgewater Skirt 7:20 Crane St. Long-sleeve Tee 8:40 Special guest Linda Wardlow + West End Pullover and other variations 21:00 How to change the pattern to make the West End Pullover + how to lengthen the top. 26:00 Q&A 34:45 Fabric Showcase 40:12 Q&A 

4/19/22 The Perfect Pants Fabric with Linda Lee: Linda is always on the search for the perfect pants fabric - something that is easy to sew, has a beautiful drape, and doesn't wrinkle. And she has finally found it! Tune in this week to learn all about our fabulous new fabric – a matte stretch crepe – that makes the perfect pants. She also features two coordinating shirts, the Splice, and the Hugo. Sew them in a fun woven print to complete your ensemble! Shop the fabric, patterns, and tutorials featured in this video here. The promotions expire 4/25/22. 

Video Timeline: 0:20 The Sterling Jacket fabric is back! 0:57 Crane St. Tee Kits 4:10 Claire McCardell ballet flat inspiration 8:53 Sewing Tips for Matte Stretch Crepe for Picasso Pants 15:58 Re-setting the waistband on the Picasso Pants pattern 17:35 Adding a pocket to the Picasso Pants 18:15 Eliminating the bottom horizontal seam on the Picasso Pants 18:45 Q&A 21:05 Splice Top 21:30 Hugo Top 22:25 Q&A 26:27 Fabric Showcase 30:22 Q&A

4/12/22 Sew Kansas Garment Variations with Linda Lee: Last week The Sewing Workshop hosted a Sew Kansas workshop and we were blown away by the garments our guests had made. Tune in to see Linda share some fantastic variations of the Liberty Shirt, Pearl Jacket, Three-Fold Vest, Charlie Bomber, and Zen Shirt, made by our Sew Kansas guests.  Shop the fabric, patterns, and tutorials featured in this video here. The promotions will expire on 4/18/22. 

Video Timeline: 0:15 Inspiration! & 2:33 Crane St. Tee Embroider project 3:49 Sew Kansas Review 5:33 Liberty Shirt Variation 8:12 Pearl Jacket Variation 10:44 Three-Fold Vest Variation 13:03 MixIt Shirt Variation 15:05 Chicago Jacket Variation 18:08 Embroidered Zen Shirt 21:15 Charlie Bomber Kit & Variation 23:45 Sterling Jacket Variations 29:05 Quincy Jacket 30:35 eTee Variation 32:17 Q&A

4/5/22 Sewing Spring Dresses with Samantha Ploch and Linda Lee: This week, Linda is joined by special guest Samantha Ploch for an inspiring chat about sewing spring dresses. Tune in to see how Samantha transformed the Detour Jacket, Marceau Tee, and Florence Shirt, into fashion-forward dresses. Plus, get inspiration for adding designer-inspired details to garments. Shop the fabric, patterns, and tutorials featured in this video here. The promotions will expire on 4/11/22.


3/29/22 Sewing a Now Jacket Variation with Linda Lee: This week, Linda is joined by Kathy Davis for a re-visit of Kathy's variation on the Now Shirt. Tune in to see how she transformed the pattern into a jacket, including how she changed the collar shape. Plus, Linda shares two methods for binding edges. Shop the patterns, fabric, and tutorials featured in this video

Video Timeline: 0:18 Blackwing Pencils 1:25 Crane St. Tee Kits 3:52 Sterling Waffle Jacket Kit 5:13 Now Quilted Cotton Jacket 10:22 Curved collar template 11:37 Now pattern changes to make a jacket 18:12 Different binding techniques + Q&A 25:41 Fabric Showcase 42:49 Q&A


3/22/22 Sewing a Two-Hour Top in Rib Knits with Linda Lee: This week, Linda has transformed the High Five jacket into a one-piece top that has been color-blocked in rib-textured knit. Tune in to hear her tips about mitering corners and working with rib knits. Shop the patterns, fabric, and tutorials featured in this video

0:30 Sketchbook Revival class, 2:20 Shoulder pads are in!, 3:00 Carbon Steel Shears, 4:43 Sewing the High Five Jacket as a top, 8:25 How to sew the High Five Top, 10:45 How to finish the rib knit and miter corners, 18:05 Q&A, 24:58 Fabric Showcase, 32:12 Q&A

3/15/22 Understanding and Sewing Different Types of Knit with Linda Lee: This week Linda explains the difference between Jersey, Interlock, ITY, and Lace knits. Tune in to understand the difference between the different fabrications as well as sewing tips and techniques for each. Linda also shares pattern inspiration and variation ideas for the Hudson Top, Noto Tee, and Swing Tee. Shop the patterns, fabric, and tutorials featured in this video. Shop here and take 20% off solid t-shirt weight knits with code TEE22. All promotions will expire on 3/21/22. 

3/8/22 Sewing Wispy Fabric with Erin & Linda: This week, Linda and Erin are highlighting their favorite patterns that are perfect to pair with sheer fabrics. Tune in to learn our signature techniques for working with diaphanous fabrics for your own wispy garments. Shop the fabric, patterns, and tutorials featured in this video. All promotions will expire on 3/8/22. 

Video Timeline: 01:25 - Happy International Women's Day! 06:10 Ikina Two Jacket 09:40 Panel Pants 14:10 Madrid Shirt 17:11 Crossroads Shirt 20:21 Coco Blouse 23:47 Sewing Techniques for sheer and lightweight fabrics 34:12 Q&A 43:09 Fabric Showcase 1:03:04 Q&A


3/1/22 Make This With That with Erin & Betsy: This week, join Erin and Betsy for an inspiration-filled Make This With That styling session. They will share ready-to-wear looks that you can recreate in snug shearling, eye-popping plaids, and elegant wool melton. Shop the fabric and patterns featured in this video. All promotions will expire on 3/7/22.

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