How to Download & Print Digital Files & Tutorials

When you purchase a digital product like a download pattern or pdf tutorial, you have two ways to download the file; via email, and through your Sewing Workshop account. *PayPal Customers There's a slight delay in payment processing. To obtain your download, please use the Sewing Workshop Account method.

Download via Email

When you purchase your digital product, you will receive two emails; one will be your order confirmation email, the other contains your digital files and is titled "Your Download Files are Ready - The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection". When you open this email you will see a setup similar to the image below. To download, simply click on the highlighted files and they will download to your computer. 

Email download

Download via your Sewing Workshop account

Step 1: From the homepage, click the link that says Login/Logout at the top of the page.

Screen Shot 2022 01 24 at 1.55.06 PM

Step 2: When you click Login/Logout, the login page will open. Enter your username and password and press login. Please note that both the username and password are case-sensitive. 

Account Step 2

Step 3: When you are logged in, your order history will open. Your orders are listed by purchase date. Scroll down to find your digital product purchase. When you find the purchase, you will see a list of blue files under the product. These are the digital file links. Click the links to download them.

Download Patterns

Printing Download Files

  • To print a PDF tutorial, open your files and print as you would any document. 
  • To print a PDF pattern, click here for instructions to print the pattern at home, or click here for instructions on printing at a copy shop.