Point Presser & Clapper


Point Presser & Clapper NOT87
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This essential tool combines the clapper with a narrow edge to use for pressing seams and corners open. A two-in-one tool.

Use Clapper to flatten bulky facing/collar edges, seams, pleats, and darts.

Use Point Presser section for pressing narrow, hard to reach areas of collars, belts, cuffs, corners, points, etc.

Wood: Poplar


The point presser is 11" long and 3/4" wide, the clapper is 9 1/2" long, 3" wide at one end and 2" wide at the other end, and the height of the entire piece sis 4" high.

As featured in Linda's Craftsy class Sewing Notions Workshop: Solutions for Savvy Sewing, and Sewing with Silks.