Sew Confident! Series 4 (Download)


Sew Confident! Series 4 (Download) DSC501
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Sew Confident! by The Sewing Workshop brings one-on-one instruction from sewing master Linda Lee into your own home. Each tutorial is filled with Linda's signature sewing techniques, explained step-by-step and illustrated with detailed pictures. You will also learn about fitting, working with different fabric substrates, creating pattern variations and even styling tips. Note: Any patterns referenced in the tutorials are not included in the package.

The Sew Confident! Series 4 tutorial package includes 12 individual tutorials (detailed below). You also get a bonus tutorial, How to Measure.

The tutorials arrive as a PDF in your Sewing Workshop online account. Save them to your computer, laptop or iPad, or print them out and create your own sewing skills library.

Description Featured Pattern Tutorial Length
Individual Tutorial Price
How to Measure Measurement Chart, Ease Charts & How to Measure Guide FREE
Texture Play Zen Jacket Learn how to create a "new" fabric by appliqueing a woven fabric to a knit fabric Now & Zen 44 Pages $18.99
Open Work Fabrics You will learn how to work with fabrics that have spaces between a closer texture
14 Pages $18.99
Sewing Fashion Knits
Updated Tutorial! Everything you need to know about working with knits. Common knits, stretch factor, sewing a garment and much more.
79 Pages $18.99
Quincy Topper Learn how to adjust the Quincy Jacket pattern to make a simple, unlined, knee-length coat.
17 Pages $18.99
Go with the Flow Pants Learn to cut and sew fabrics that are slippery, filmy, and flowing. From bold motifs to more subtle designs, make yourself a pair of pants in a silky fabric. West End Top & Pants 22 Pages $18.99
Inspiration Boards So you want to sew fashion ensembles, but you can't put it all together? In this tutorial, you will learn how to build storyboards to use as planning tools. 57 Pages $18.99
Buttonholes in Knits Learn how to make machine buttonhoes in three weights of knit fabrics - tissue weight, mid-weight and bulky knits
23 Pages $18.99
Denim Chicago Jacket Learn to construct the Chicago Jacket in a stretch denim. The tutorial concentrates on creating a design journal, construction details, embellishments and detailed topstitching. Chicago Jacket 49 Pages $18.99
Eureka Top reMAKE Learn to modify the Eureka Top into two separate styles. Find inspiration, pattern alteration techniques and knit and woven pattern tips. 34 Pages $18.99
Two Bound Buttonholes Learn how to make two types of bound buttonholes. Classic method - one piece of fabric to make two welts. The second is a two-sided decorative bound buttonhole with a welt side and a faced side. 28 Pages $18.99
Silk Scarf Learn how to make a silk scarf with a faux "bound buttonhole" for a unique loop and tie effect. Plus you will learn the best tips for cutting & sewing ligthweight silk fabrics. Make one for yourself and many more as gifts. 19 Pages $18.99
Fine Tune Your Sewing Skills Update Tutorial! This tutorial is intended to be your one-stop reference for all the best and signature techniques taught by Linda Lee and The Sewing Workshop. These are universal techniques useful for any garment sewing projects. 70 Pages $18.99
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