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Sew Confident! by The Sewing Workshop brings one-on-one instruction from sewing master Linda Lee into your own home. Each tutorial is filled with Linda's signature sewing techniques, explained step-by-step and illustrated with detailed pictures. You will also learn about fitting, working with different fabric substrates, creating pattern variations and even styling tips. Note: Any patterns referenced in the tutorials are not included in the package.

The Sew Confident! Series 6 tutorial package includes 12 individual tutorials (detailed below). You also get a bonus tutorial, How to Measure.

Sew Confident! celebrates Variations with Verve. In this series you will learn how to look at patterns in a new way by changing shapes, adding and deleting details, and exploring new and innovative fabrications. Based on The Sewing Workshop's pattern collection, the twelve tutorials will include pattern work, professional sewing techniques, and inspirational ideas for adding pizzazz to your wardrobe.

The tutorials arrive as a PDF in your Sewing Workshop online account. Save them to your computer, laptop or iPad, or print them out and create your own sewing skills library.

Description Featured Pattern Tutorial Length
Individual Tutorial Price
How to Measure Measurement Chart, Ease Charts & How to Measure Guide FREE
San Diego Bomber Jacket Learn to make a bomber jacket using a modified San Diego pattern. Step-by Step instructions, some modified pattern pieces and pattern work included. San Diego 37 Pages $18.99
Sewing Fashion Scuba Learn to work with new fashion fabric, scuba. Linda will show you her favorite notions, techniques, and stitching and finishing options to sew scuba like a pro. Chateau 17 Pages $18.99
Cotton Sateen Zona Jacket
Learn how to alter your Zona Jacket to create an elegant Cotton Sateen Jacket. Pattern work, tips and techniques for working with cotton sateen included. Zona 27 Pages $18.99
Serger-Made Memphis Dress Learn how to construct the Memphis Dress using three different serger finished. Pattern work to shorten the sleeves also included. Memphis 22 Pages $18.99
Fringed Chateau Coat Learn to create a fringed-look jacket with the Chateau coat pattern. You will shorten the coat and learn four wans to create fringed edges. Chateau 17 Pages $18.99
Knit Tunic Florence Learn to modify the button-down Florence Shirt into a knit, pullover tunic Pattern work and step-by-step instructions included. Florence 31 Pages $18.99
Summer Siena Caftan Learn to modify the Siena Shirt pattern into a loose-fitting caftan. Instructions for lengthinging the pattern, changing the neckline shape, creating a facing and embellishing the neckline included. Siena 20 Pages $18.99
Liberty MixIt Fusion Learn to lengthen the Liberty Shirt, shorten the sleeves, and create a new neckline using the MixIt Shirt pattern. Sewing with linen gauze and mitering tips included. Liberty 28 Pages $18.99
Tucked and Trimmed Tremont Learn to add a fabric manipulation detail along the front lapel of the Tremont Jacket. Step-by-step instructions included. Tremont 22 Pages $18.99
Chateau Popover Learn how to modify the Chateau Coat into a pullover top. Pattern work and step-by-step instructions included. Chateau 20 Pages $18.99
Mesh-Blocked eTee Turtleneck Learn how to modify the eTee into a lengthened turtleneck with a decorative mesh panel. Pattern work and step-by-step instructions included. eTee 28 Pages $18.99
Applique Bristol Top Learn how to add an applique design element to the Bristol Top. Instructions and applique pattern pieces included. Bristol 18 Pages $18.99
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Sew Confident! Series 6 (Download)
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