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eTee Evolution (Download) SC1411
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The eTee Evolution is a 17-page tutorial that includes instructions on how to lengthen the body of the eTee pattern and add sleeves. The eTee pattern is not included in this tutorial. This tutorial was originally included in Sew Confident! Series Three. This is a tutorial only and does not include any referenced patterns.

Tutorials include:

  • Patternwork for modifying the eTee pattern
  • Step-by-step instructions for lengthening the body of the eTee
  • Step-by-step instructions for lengthening the sleeves to the eTee

Sew Confident! by The Sewing Workshop brings one-on-one instruction from sewing master Linda Lee into your own home. Each tutorial is filled with Linda's signature sewing techniques, explained step-by-step and illustrated with detailed pictures. You will also learn about fitting, working with different fabric substrates, creating pattern variations and even styling tips.

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