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Fashion Fitting Workbook FFWO
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This item is currently on back order from the printer. We love to sew, but we also know that the fitting component of making a garment is the most mysterious and difficult part of the process. We have designed this workbook as a place to practice the sometimes complicated art of pattern fitting. Though this workbook is designed as a companion piece to our Fashion Fitting Encyclopedia, the techniques detailed in the pages stand on their own.

Each fitting technique included also has an accompanying pattern piece with it. You use the pattern pieces to practice the alteration instructions. We've left room on the technique pages for you to adhere your finished pattern alteration piece and make notes.

As you practice each technique, not only will you become more confident about working with garment patterns, but you'll also be creating a handy guide you can reference along your sewing journey.

Adjustments include:

Bodice Adjustments:

  • Bodice Lengthen
  • Bodice Shorten

Fitting Shoulders:

  • Narrow and Broad Shoulders
  • Sloping Shoulders
  • Forward Thrust
  • Balanced Shoulders
  • Extended Shoulders

Fitting the Bust

  • Lower the Bust Dart
  • Raise the Bust Dart
  • Adding Bust Darts
  • Bust Enlargement - No Dart
  • Bust Enlargement in Knit Garments

Fitting the Back:

  • Narrow Back
  • Broad Back
  • Rounded Back

Fitting Sleeves

  • Lengthening the Sleeve
  • Shortening the Sleeve
  • Adjusting Arm Girth
  • Reduce Sleeve Cap Ease

Fitting Pants

  • Pants Lengthen & Shorten
  • Crotch Curve Lengthen & Shorten
  • Full Seat
  • Flat Seat
  • Wrinkles Below the Seat
  • Back Leg Too Full
  • Protruding Tummy
  • Front Crotch Wrinkles
  • Full Inner Thighs
  • Full Outer Thighs
Fashion Fitting Workbook
Fashion Fitting Workbook
Fashion Fitting Workbook

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