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A Fuchsia Faux Jumpsuit


 Jumpsuits are all the rage these days. From classic denim overalls to light floral rayon rompers, women everywhere are taking advantage of the ease of dressing in a jumpsuit. However, there are some downsides to dressing in a onesie, namely the gymnastics sometimes involved in taking the whole thing on and off. I realized that I could easily create the look of a jumpsuit using two separate garments tied together with a simple belt. For the bottom, I chose the West End Pants, and I paired them with the MixIt Top

Though a jumpsuit in a fun print is super trendy right now, I wanted to use our new Rayon/Linen blend fabric collection, which is available in the most magnificent solid colors. I fell in love with the Fuchsia color, which I thought would be perfect for summer. However, I didn't want to just use pink, so I decided to add some fun contrasting color details using the Mustard color of the fabric. Initially, I planned on using the mustard only to create a belt, but decided I wanted to tie it into the full ensemble. 

After looking at all the options, I decided to take advantage of the pocket construction technique in the West End Pants pattern which offers you the opportunity to create a two-tone pocket. I used the mustard as the background of the pocket and then created a ¼" flat piping down the side seam of the pants. 

The MixIt Top features a keyhole loop and button closure and stand collar. To bring the mustard into the shirt, I created a flat piping that I added around the keyhole opening and along the collar stitch line. I also used the mustard to create the button loop. 

​To tie the two garments together I made a simple obi-inspired belt. The belt is 2 ½" wide by the length of the fabric, so that I can wrap it twice and tie it in the front. When constructing the belt, I measured around my waist and cut a thin piece of foam to that measurement. I adhered it to the center of the belt so that my first wrap would be stable and not sag as the day goes on. The edges of the belt are not interfaced. When I finally put the outfit together, I was really pleased that the belt creates the illusion of a full jumpsuit. I was even more excited when I realized that I had matching mustard shoes to wear with it! 

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