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New Craftsy Course: Fitting Solo!

New Craftsy Course: Fitting Solo!

After years of traveling and fitting every shape and size of body possible, I have come to a the conclusion that almost every sewer, no matter how long we have sewn or our skill level, fails to do three essential things when preparing a pattern.

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Sew Fabulous Fashion Knits for Craftsy


Tame tricky-to-sew fashion knits with me, Linda Lee, in my new online Craftsy class, Sewing Fashion Knits: Beyond the Basics. Join me in the classroom, and be well on your way to confidently sewing fashion knits into designer looks.

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Linda Lee - Craftsy Classes

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Mastering Miters by Linda Lee.

Learn one-on-one with Linda through her in-depth Craftsy Classes!

You get an average of 2.5 hours of lessons in each class. Start, stop, rewind and review as often as you want.

She is now teaching 8 classes (click for more info):

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics
  2. Sewing Luxury Fabrics: Pillows
  3. Underneath It All: Guide to Interfacings, Linings & Facings
  4. Sewing Fashion Knits
  5. Sewing with Silks: Sewing the Liberty Shirt
  6. Mastering Miters 
  7. Sewing Notions Workshop
  8. NEW! Fitting Solo: From Measurement to Muslin


Fitting Solo: From Measurement to Muslin

Find your fit without a partner! Learn how to take your own measurements, make basic pattern adjustments and create fitting muslins for personalized garments.

Discover how to measure yourself on your own with expert sewing instructor Linda Lee's easy-to-follow techniques. Start by finding the correct pattern size for your body and taking accurate measurements. Then, make basic pattern adjustments and evaluate fit using muslins. From there, you'll lengthen, shorten, narrow or widen a top pattern while keeping the seams correctly aligned. Once your adjustments are made, you'll create a fitting muslin, mark alterations and apply them to your pattern. Stretch your skills as you fit a pair of pants by changing width, knee placement, and both stride and total length. Ensure your pants will be comfortable and flattering by making adjustments to your muslin and pattern. Plus, see how to apply the same fitting process to a skirt pattern. For essential finishing touches, learn a waistband alteration trick and make final adjustments for your specific shape.

Sewing Notions Workshop

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