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Matching prints in the Cottage Shirt


​Those of you who followed along our Cottage Shirt Sew-Along may have wondered why I didn't show my finished Cottage. Well, there I was, getting ready to sew the buttonholes when I realized that the fabric design didn't match in front. And I knew that I just couldn't wear the shirt with a non-matching front.

I rarely use a print that is as grid-like as this one, so mostly I don't worry about matching prints. In fact, the prints not matching on the side didn't bother me at all, but something about that center front being off was just too much for me. So I took the almost-finished Cottage apart and started again.

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The Cottage Sew Along Part Six: Buttons and Buttonholes


Welcome back to the final post of the Cottage Sew Along! Today we will finish off the garment with tips about making perfect buttons and buttonholes. When you finish your Cottage, be sure to send us photos, we would love to see it! 

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The Cottage Shirt Sew Along Part Five: Side Seams and Vents


​Welcome back to the Cottage Sew Along! Today we are going to sew up the sides, create the 6ʺ hem and add the armhole bands. Let's get sewing! 

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The Cottage Shirt Sew Along Part Four: Sewing the Collar and Stand


Before you begin the process to sew the collar, begin by making a marking template for the collar stand. Use a seam gauge to mark the seam allowance on the front curve of the collar stand.  

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Cottage Shirt Sew Along Part Three: Sewing the Back, Yoke, & Shoulder Seams


​Welcome back to the Cottage Shirt Sew Along! Today we are going to tackle sewing the back, yoke and shoulder seams using the "burrito" method. Why is it called the burrito you ask? Well, there is a lot of rolling involved in this fun technique that creates a perfectly enclosed back yoke. And when you are finished, you might find yourself so satisfied with how your shirt is looking that you can treat yourself to a real burrito! (Extra guacamole, please!)

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The Cottage Shirt Sew Along Part Two: Sewing the Front


As we begin construction of the Cottage Shirt, I wanted to point out that you will see images of different fabrics throughout the process.  I am using this Dollface cotton to make my shirt, and you will see images of many of the construction steps using this fabric. However, some of the steps or techniques used in making the Cottage have been highlighted in our Sew Confident! tutorials. In these instances, I will be using images from the Sew Confident!, as they have been carefully photographed to be as clear as possible. Now, let's get sewing!

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The Cottage Sew Along Part One - Getting Started


 Welcome to the Cottage Shirt Sew Along! This new shirt pattern is designed to be worn oversized and has a generous amount of ease. The shirt is somewhat cropped and can be worn over another layer such as a tank or tee, or it can be lengthened using the printed lengthen and shorten line. Today we are going to discuss tips for getting started on your sewing journey. Let's get sewing!

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