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Captain's Coat for Fall

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Kathy's many versions of the Verona Coat.

Every once in awhile I see an ad from a well-known retailer and think, "Well, we've done that!" And this current J.Crew ad for a captain's coat in jeweled houndstooth with contrasting collar reminded me of a similar coat that Kathy made about four years ago (were we ahead of the trend, or what?). Our version of the captain's coat is the Verona Coat. Kathy made it in a yellow and gray houndstooth and used a gray matelasse cotton for the contrasting collar. The coat is lined in a Pucci silk charmeuse print. It is really stunning.

At first glance, the Verona Coat looks like a classic topper coat, but the pattern has some interesting features. The collar is a contour band that can lie open and flat or it can stand up and expose even another contrasting fabric. The facings are curved and are actually appliqued to the lining - an unusual treatment, for sure.

The J.Crew coat is $495.00, not a ferocious price for a coat, but you can make one for under $200.00 that I guarantee will fit better and look classier on you in your favorite color and fabric.


 J.Crew's ad for this fall's Captain's Coat in jeweled houdstooth.


Kathy in her even better Verona Coat.

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