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Creating a Scallop-Back MixIt Tank


 At our Sewing Workshop at the Sew Arkansas retreat last April we hand-dyed silk to use as linings in the Tremont or San Diego jackets. I decided to use some of my silk to create a scalloped-back MixIt Tank. I mixed the pink silk with our a stripe ponte knit. The process is simple, and I love how the addition of the scallop hem adds a little surprise to the MixIt.

1. To begin, I measured the width of the MixIt Tank Back (13). The XS paper pattern piece itself is only 11ʺ as it is cut on the fold. So, I cut a piece of tagboard (manila file folder) 11ʺ by 5ʺ tall.

2. To create the scallop template, I drew a line ¾ʺ from one edge of the tagboard. I then used the bottom of a glass to trace half circles from the line to the bottom of the tagboard. Because the MixIt Tank pattern back is cut on the fold, I started the pattern with a half-scallop on one end. This way, when the final fabric is cut out, there will be a full scallop in the center of the garment. Once you are happy with your traced scallop pattern, simply cut it out.

3. Measure 5ʺ from the bottom of your MixIt Tank pattern and draw a line. Then, fold the bottom of the pattern just under the line. Pin or tape. 

4. Place your scallop template along the line, making sure that your half-scallop meets the fold line. Pin or tape to the pattern. On the opposite of the FOLD side, trim the template so it matches the shape of the pattern side. 

5. Cut out the pattern as instructed. The only difference is that the MixIt Back piece now has a scalloped bottom edge. I found it helpful to trace around the scallop template and then use scissors to cut around the traced line. 

6. Remove the scallop template from the Tank pattern piece and use it to cut out one facing piece on the fold.  

 7. Right sides together, pin the scallop facing to the tank back. Stitch carefully around each scallop using a ¼ ʺ seam allowance.

8. Trim and grade seam allowance. Clip along scallops up to the stitching line. 

​9. Turn facing right side out. You may need to use a point tool such as a bamboo point turner or a stiletto, to push along the seamline. Press. Press the top edge of the facing ½ʺ to the wrong side. Pin. 

 10. Topstitch carefully along the scallops. Topstitch along the folded top edge of the facing. 

After you've finished facing your scallop, continue sewing the MixIt Tank as instructed. Now that I know how to add a scallop bottom to patterns, I want to try it on more garments! How cute would the West End Pants be with a scallop? That may be my next project...

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