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Sew Stitch Expo 2016 Day 4 Looks

Sew Stitch Expo 2016 Day 4 Looks

The last day of #SewStitchExpo2016 in Puyallup! 

Our booth on Day 4 was black and white and blue all over. Here are the #ootd outfits of the day! 

A playful polka dot print Florence Shirt worn by Linda over the perfect layering piece, black Helix Pants.

Linda layers the look by adding a black wool Tremont Jacket.

What a great way to wear flannel! Kathy's Florence Shirt in a black and blue flannel check.

​Erin also wore a Tremont made of a great reversible stripe knit. It pairs so well with the eDress made as a skirt. 

Introducing the Fillmore Duster!
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