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Double Layer MixIt Tank


I like to layer my clothing so I can adapt to seasonal changes or to temperature variations in buildings, and the one of the best garments to make for that purpose is a tank.

One of my favorites is the MixIt Tank. The shoulders are wide enough to cover straps, the neck hole is just large enough to go over your head without the need for a keyhole opening, and the body has a slight "A" shape to be roomy without being too oversized.


One of my favorite fabrics to work with is linen gauze. It's semi-sheer, slight stretchy, and easy to sew - and it doesn't ravel. It also washes beautifully. Because of its sheer quality, I found that I needed to make the tank double-layer. So I cut two out two tanks, one 2 inches longer than the other. I sewed the shoulder and side seams of each one of them together to make two tanks. Then I pinned them together at the neck and armholes with the wrong sides together and the longer one on the inside. I applied bias binding at the neck and armholes to connect the two tanks and left the bottom hem edges raw.

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