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Loop Knit Scarf

Endless Loop scarf 1

Do you save your fabric scraps like I do and wonder why? Here's an idea for how to use all of those small pieces of random knits. Make an endless loop scarf.

This scarf is literally two or more scarves in one - an endless loop of pieced knits that reverses from one color scheme to another. As easily as you can reach into the interior of the scarf and turn it inside out (partially or completely), you'll have a new look. Perfect for travellers, this accessory changes dramatically from casual to formal or from neutral to brights with a mere tug on the tube.

I first wrote about this scarf in my Scarves to Make book in 1998, and recently filmed a video for DailyCraftTV of how to make it along with Alex, my daughter, who demonstrated how to make the knitted scarf. More to come on the airing dates of the show.

In the meantime, if you are interested in knowing how to make this scarf, check out pages 135-137 in Scarves to Make, my all-time favorite book.

All of the photos below are of the same scarf!

Endless Loop scarf 2

Endless Loop scarf 3

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