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Gathering Up the Urban Tee


Here's a little tutorial so you can create your own Ruffle Urban T-Shirt!

Pattern Work

Left Front
1. Add Hem Allowance, matching hem width on Right Front, approximately 1⅝".
Right Front & Front Ruffle
2. Make Front Ruffle Pattern Piece

Starting with the Right Front, add ⅝" seam allowance to create new cutting line on left side.

Use neckline from Left & Right Front pattern pieces for Ruffle.

Create raw edge ruffle that extends from Shoulder to Lower Hem.

  •  Mark 3" from neckline/shoulder seam intersection. Mark 4" from Original Stitching Line along lower hemline.


  •  To create the upper curve at shoulder using Variform Curve start at 10" down to 3".


  • To create lower curve, flip the Variform Curve horizontally. Complete the raw edge.


3. Complete Front Ruffle Pattern Piece

4. Complete Front Ruffle Pattern Piece

5. Add ⅝" seam allowance to the right of the Original Stitching Line on Right Front. Cut along new line.


Cutting Out

Cut out Right Front, Left Front, Front Ruffle, Back, Sleeve.


1. Baste wrong side of Front Ruffle to right side of Left Front.

2. With right sides together, sew Front Ruffle/Left Front to Right Front. Stitch on top of previous stitching. Press to right side.

3. Topstitch. Trim.
4. Create gathering along neckline and lower hem of Front Ruffle. Sew a running stitch along ⅝" seam line. Pull thread to gather.
5. Baste neckline of Front Ruffle to Left Front, stopping 2" down from shoulder.

6. Baste lower hem of Front Ruffle to Left Front, stopping 2½" from Right Front seam.

7. Finish Urban T-Shirt according to guidesheet.

  • Shoulder Seams
  • Side Seams
  • Sleeves

8. Leave neckline and hemline edges raw. To stabilize really stretchy knits, staystitch neckline and hemline.

I love the result! Thanks Linda W. for the inspiration!

Pair the Urban with the Trio Pants as shown below.



Happy Sewing!

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