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Lantern-Leg Trio Pants

Lantern-Leg Trio Pants

Pants silhouettes are ever-changing, but one constant in the last few seasons is that pants tend to have interesting shapes and details on the lower portion of the legs.

Our Trio Pants pattern, with or without the pockets, already has a bell shape that is super fashionable.

Working with that general shape, I re-styled the leg to generate a smaller leg opening and create a more severe taper. Here are the instructions for modifying the pattern.

I am 5'6" tall and these measurements are for a size medium pattern. You may want to consider different modifications for your height and pattern size.

Draw a horizontal line 10 1/2" from the bottom of the Front, Back and Side Panel pattern pieces to use as a new cutting line. Above that add a 5/8" seam allowance. This leaves a total length of 28 1/2" which includes the seam allowance. Cut off or fold under the bottom portions of the pattern along the new cutting lines.

To make new pattern pieces for the bottom sections, tape some tissue paper to the new bottom of each pattern piece and extend the grainlines down about 12". Trace the new stitching line width for each of the three pattern pieces. Add 5/8" above the stitching line and draw a new cutting line. 

Measure down 7" from the stitching line and draw a horizontal line for the hem foldline. Using the grainline as a center line, plot the following widths: 

  • Front - 5 3/4" 
  • Back - 7" 
  • Side Panel - 7 1/4" 

Using a hip curve ruler, draw new curved cutting lines extending from the side cutting lines at the top to the hem foldlines at the bottom. 

To add a hem allowance, draw a line 1 5/8" from the hem foldline. Fold the pattern up along the hem foldline and trace the side cutting lines through the hem allowance. Repeat for all pattern pieces.

To construct the pants, sew the bottom extension pieces to each upper pieces. Serge finish the seams together and press down. Follow the instructions in the guide sheet to make the pants, ignoring the pocket instructions. Edgestitch or topstitch the vertical and horizontal seams if desired.

​Lantern-leg Trio Pants in Linen - Teal worn with a Balboa Shirt.

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