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Metallic Terry Vest

Metallic Terry Vest

This Metallic Terry Knit is very unique. Soft and warm with the perfect amount of sparkle. A traditional sweatshirt or jacket just wouldn't do. The new Tremont Jacket pattern has a great fit. So why not try a vest?

With a few simple instructions, you can make the Tremont Jacket a vest too! You just need to add armhole facings. 

45" wide
60" wide
2.5 yards
2 yards
All Sizes
All Sizes


1. Cut the following pieces using Vest fabric: 1, 2, 3. (All pieces except sleeves). 

2. To make armhole facings (New Pieces #5 and #6), trace front and back armhole shape and add 3¼" to width.


⅝" Seam Allowance 

5. Construct garment as in guidesheet, eliminating the sleeves. 

6. Open out hem folds. With right sides together, matching notches, stitch side seam, ending at dot. Press seam open. 

7. TOPSTITCH bottom hem. 

8. With right sides together, stitch front armhole facing to back armhole facing at shoulder and side seams. Press seams open.

9. STAYSTITCH ⅝" from raw edge on outer edge of facings. Fold along stitching line to press to wrong side. Trim to ⅜". 

10. With right sides together, stitch facings to garment. UNDERSTITCH on facing side of garment. Trim seam. 

11. Press facing to wrong side. TOPSTITCH facings in place.

12. Finish with 1 button and buttonhole as described on guidesheet. Enjoy!

Download the instructions HERE. Get your own Metallic Terry Vest - the Kit is available now!

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