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New Craftsy Course: Fitting Solo!

New Craftsy Course: Fitting Solo!

After years of traveling and fitting every shape and size of body possible, I have come to a the conclusion that almost every sewer, no matter how long we have sewn or our skill level, fails to do three essential things when preparing a pattern.

We are so intent on getting to the “fun” part of sewing (getting our fingers on the fabric and potentially making the most fabulous garment ever) that we forget to measure ourselves accurately, we don’t bother to measure our patterns and compare those measurements to our body measurements, and we don’t really understand the whole subject of ease. So I pitched the concept of a class to Craftsy that would do just that, and they went for it.

It’s one thing to have someone assist you in measuring and altering a pattern to fit, but it’s quite another thing to measure and alter all on your own, which of course is what we do 99% of the time. We are alone in our studio, no one to talk to, run things by, or help in any way.

So this class is for every sewer who wants a better fit, without any assistance. It is designed to work with just the measurements that you can take by yourself (just 13 of them). Then I show you how to measure your pattern pieces in those same areas, all in the right places.

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Included in the class materials is a personal measurement chart and ease charts. I demonstrate an entire process of comparing your measurements to the pattern measurements, taking a look at standard ease allowances for everything from fitted to very loose fitting patterns, and then discuss how to make good decisions about how much ease you want in your clothes (a very personal decision as it turns out).

I take you through the process of constructing a fitting muslin, how to “read” your muslin, making some notations on it, and how to tear it apart and transfer those markings onto your pattern.

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This class is by no means the ultimate guide to a perfect fit, but I guarantee that after watching this class, you will understand your body better, and know for sure that a pattern will at least be large enough before you ever cut into your precious fabric. The fine-tuning is another set of classes, but you will be 75% farther along than you ever were before.

Here's a preview to my new Craftsy course Fitting Solo: From Measurements to Muslin!


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