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Picasso Top & Pants Sew Along Part Four: Starting the Pants


Welcome back to the Picasso Sew Along! Last week we finished the Picasso Top and today we will start on the Picasso Pants. Let's get started!

To begin constructing the Picasso Pants, fold the Front right sides together, matching the dots. Use a Chakoner to draw a line from dot to dot. 

Stitch from the top of pant to the dot and press the tuck towards the side. 

Place the Lower Front right sides together with the Front, matching the single notch. Pin and stitch. 

Finish the seam together and press up. Repeat the same process to connect the Side to the Lower Side (matching the double notches), and the Back to the Lower Back (matching the triple notches).

​Place the Front and Side right sides together, matching the side notch and horizontal seams. Pin and stitch. Finish the seam and press it towards the Side panel. Use the same process to sew the Front/Side unit to the Back piece. 

Edgestitch ʺ above the horizontal seam on the leg unit. 

Finish the bottom edge of the leg. Using the Pressing with Templates method explained in Part One of the Picasso Sew Along, press the bottom hem to 1 ¼ʺ to the wrong side. The hem will be topstitched later. 

Join us for the next post when we finish the Picasso Pants. If you are just joining us, be sure to look back at the previous posts for step-by-step instructions to create the Picasso Top. 

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