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Rain Rain Go Away - The Soho Raincoat

Rain Rain Go Away - The Soho Raincoat

​A good raincoat can go a long way to brightening a gloomy day. It has been raining cats and dogs here all month, but that doesn't bother me! I just gear up in my Soho raincoat and head out to weather the storm. We know we aren't the only ones getting drenched this month, and that is why the Soho is our featured pattern for April.

Inspired by this year's floral raincoat trend, as well as that tried and true 60's OpArt black and white look, we created a jacket you will want to wear in wet or dry weather. Our classic ankle-length Soho Coat pattern has been shortened by 14 in. for a more contemporary feel, and to let you show off your favorite pair of wellies. Mine are kelly green! We have mixed two bold prints for an eye-catching end product. Also, if you look closely, we have added a faux piping detail that really sets off the look.

Our inspiration for this magnificent mackintosh, as they say in the UK, came from a bevy of gorgeous raincoats we found on our Pinterest page. These raincoats ranged from a contemporary floral version by Dolce and Gabbana to a 1960's classic black and white stripe.  For our fabric choices we met somewhere in the middle, making one coat by pairing our black and white floral with a fun polka dot. For those who want to get their Audrey Hepburn on, we also have a black and white stripe and polka dot kit. Which one will you choose? 

Don't blame it on the rain if you are stuck inside, make your own Soho raincoat and get out in the world! Our Soho Raincoat kits include the pattern, rainwear fabric and the Sew Confident tutorial which has instructions on shortening the coat, adding faux piping and more! The kit is only $120.00 – which is a 20% discount! If you are already lucky enough to have one of these elements, no worries, you can buy each piece individually as well, we are offering the Soho Coat pattern at a special price of $18.00. 

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