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Sewing with Faux Fashion Leather

Sewing with Faux Fashion Leather

Fall fashion trends come and go, but few have the staying power of leather. The leather motorcycle jacket became a classic look the instant Marlon Brando roared into movie theaters on his motorcycle in The Wild One in 1953. Nothing says sleek, sexy – and rebellious – like leather. Whether you are wearing a full jacket or just a pop of leather trim, leather can take your look to the next level. 

For garment sewers, using leather isn't preferable - it is hard to find and tricky to sew. Luckily, there are great faux leather fabrics available that can give the look of leather without the hassle. Now sewists can create their own leather looks! We love using faux vinyl to add special details to garments, as we did below with the Onde jacket.

Sewing faux leather can also come with it's own difficulties, which is why we have put together a fantastic Faux Leather Fashion tutorial to help you sew successfully. This tutorial (which was originally part of our 2014 Sew Confident series) lays it all out for you: cutting tools, needles, presser feet, topstitching, overlapping seams, piping  – everything you need to know to create your own faux vinyl projects. The tutorial also features ready-to-wear fashion inspiration and project ideas. Check out the sample pages below and buy the tutorial today! 

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