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An Unexpected & Essential Sewing Tool

An Unexpected & Essential Sewing Tool

Sometimes the simplest tools can be the best. Take the humble tweezer. Sure, it has been stereotyped as a bathroom-only apparatus used only for splinters and the stray eyebrow hair. But the tweezer is more than that, it is an apparatus that can be used in the most delicate of sewing situations. 

For instance, have you ever had the dreaded thread snarl in your bobbin? You know – when your needle stops moving and your bobbin is caught in a spiderweb of thread? Tweezers to the rescue! They can help you gently disentangle the bobbin, without resorting to any dangerous tugging or pulling. If there are any tiny thread pieces left hiding under the feed dogs, just use those tweezers to grab them. Threading machines – specifically sergers – is another area where the tweezer shines. Basically, if you are working in tight spaces where your fingers don't fit, or working with small pieces that you can't grab, tweezers are your best friend. 

​Everyone has their own favorite tools and after years of sewing Linda has compiled her favorites in her Craftsy class, Sewing Solutions for Savvy Sewers. Using the right notions will make sewing easier and more fun. Click below to get Linda's class for 50% off! The offer expires on 10/31/16 so act now!

In the meantime get your new favorite tool, the tweezers, along with their partner-in-sewing the seam ripper (the Clover seam ripper is fantastic) and get ready to tackle tiny threads!

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