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Sewing With Friends Over Zoom


For many of us, sewing is a solitary sport practiced at home in pockets of time that we manage to carve out of our busy lives. That is what makes sewing retreats so special – uninterrupted swathes of time dedicated to the project of your choice. And when you get stuck? You have a whole host of sewing minds to help you out. Unfortunately, many of us haven't had the opportunity to sew with friends over the last year. However, Linda recently got the chance to check in on an online sewing get-together over Zoom with some longtime Sewing Workshop friends. 

As the host of sewing retreats, it is always fun to see how one weekend can transform total strangers into lifelong sewing friends. For years, Linda taught a workshop in Florida with a group of women who met each other there and had such a good time that they started traveling to retreats together. From Florida, New York, New Hampshire, Washington, DC and Houston, these avid sewists made an effort to stay in touch through their common passion for sewing.  Since that workshop, they have joined our events in Topeka. This year, since they couldn't gather in person, they decided to plan their own retreat over Zoom.

On a recent Saturday, Linda Damato, Adrianne Noe, Sally Thompson, Mary Ann Lico, Abbie Van Doren and Anne Rhodes (and Linda) met to make modified Liberty Shirts in a knit fabric. They set aside the entire day (meals ordered in or spouses doing the cooking) to start and finish the garment. They Zoomed three different times during the day to check up on their progress, discuss fitting and sewing issues, share their finished (or almost) projects, and catch up on old times. In the end, they all came away with a fabulous new top - you can see some of the finished projects below. This is such a great idea for anyone who wants to have a day with their sewing friends. Pick a project, set some times, and start sewing! 

Want to make your own modified Liberty Top? Get your Liberty Shirt pattern and don't forget the tutorial!

Making the Eureka Top with Long Sleeve
Making a Marceau Dress