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Sewing with Velvet

Sewing with Velvet

​Velvet is the ultimate luxury fabric. For many, the deep, rich qualities of velvet bring to mind everything from sumptuous royal gowns to memories of special occasion holiday dresses worn as a child. As this holiday season approaches – and the holiday party invitations start trickling in – I have found myself thinking of creating new velvet pieces for my wardrobe. But I don't want these garments to be worn just for special occasion, I want to be able to bask in the luxury of velvet after the party season ends. 

Erin is wearing our Stella top and Valencia pants. The dark purple velvet of the Stella top has a subtle print that makes the color even richer. The Stella top is a great choice for this fabric because it really shows off the drape of the velvet fabric. While the Stella on its own is a loose fitting garment, it isn't so blousy that you can't tuck it in. A trendy wide belt is the perfect accessory to pull the outfit together, while accentuating your waist line. 

This Mimosa top and Oasis skirt ensemble is casual enough to wear to work, but elegant enough to go straight to cocktail hour. The Mimosa would also be lovely made up in this copper colored Burnout Stretch Velvet shown below. Looking for luxury and comfort? You can't go wrong with the Plaza jacket combined with a cropped pair of our Valencia pants. Isn't it amazing how different they look from the pinstripe pair that Erin wore in the image at the top? The pattern comes in both full length and cropped. Make them in the drapey charcoal Stretch Velour and you've got a whole new look!

I know what you're thinking – sure, velvet is beautiful, but isn't it difficult to sew with? Especially stretch velvets and velours? Well, like any specialty fabrics, velvet can be fussy to work with, but it isn't anything to be intimidated by. All you need is patience and a few tips and tricks to guide you. If you want to sew a successful velvet garment and feel like you need a little help, don't worry, Linda to the rescue! Her Sewing With Velvet tutorial will have you sewing with confidence in no time. In this Sew Confident tutorial, Linda teaches you her favorite velvet sewing tips, seam finishes, and more. She even addresses that tricky business of pressing velvet! This tutorial is a great resource for beginner and advanced sewists!

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