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Short Sleeve Barcelona Top

Short Sleeve Barcelona Top

​Have you seen the Barcelona Top? Our brand new pattern is perfect for summer with one easy modification - shorten the sleeves. See how easy it is to make your Barcelona comfortable for the heat wave! 

Step one: order the new Barcelona Top!

Step two: Mark your sleeve pattern 10" down from ​the shoulder dot and draw a line perpendicular to the grainline. This will be the finished hem line. Add 1 3/8" hem allowance below the line. Fold up the lower part of the pattern on the finished hem line and trace the cut lines so the angles will match when you fold your hem up. This is your new short sleeve pattern.

Step three. Make the Barcelona Top.

Step four: Wear the Barcelona Top and enjoy tons of compliments!

Step five: Send us a picture of you wearing your Barcelona Top for our gallery. (Remember, plain backgrounds are best.)

Crinkled Cotton Barcelona Top
Introducing the Barcelona Top!