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The Cottage Shirt Sew Along Part Five: Side Seams and Vents


​Welcome back to the Cottage Sew Along! Today we are going to sew up the sides, create the 6ʺ hem and add the armhole bands. Let's get sewing! 

With right sides together, sew Front to Back at side seam between dots. DO NOT stitch above top dot and remember to backstitch at each end! Press seam open. 

At the side opening, fold the Front bottom hem to the right side, matching dots. Stitch the seam. Fold back the bottom hem to the right side, matching dots and stitch the seam. Trim seams. 

​Turn hems to right side and press. Topstitch Front hem from center front edge to side vent dot. Topstitch Back hem from dot to dot. 

Bar tack across the seam for ½ʺ at the side vent dot. 

With wrong sides together, press Armhole Band (6) in half lengthwise. Press one long edge ⅝ʺ to the wrong side. 

Open band. With right sides together, sew the short ends to connect the band into a circle. Trim and press open. Repress armhole band fold and turndown again. 

When sewing the Armhole Band to the shirt opening, sew "inside the tube" on the shirt side, so that you can see the side seam opening above the dot. With right sides together, matching Armhole Band seam to side seam, notches and dot to shoulder seam, sew the raw edge of the Armhole Band to garment armhole. Keep the seam allowance open, allow it to spread, and stitch over the seam allowances. This is the only way the band will fit the armhole opening. Trim seam, Press seam towards band. 

Refold the Armhole Band along creaseline. Pin the folded edge to the seam stitching and slipstitch. Tip! Use silk thread for the most invisible stitch. 

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