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Adjusting the volume for Facebook Live


We know that some of you are having trouble adjusting the volume on our Facebook Live broadcasts. Here are some tips to help you get ready for our next broadcast...

There are two separate ways to control the volume when watching a video online. The first way is through the video itself. Above is a still from one of our Facebook Live broadcasts. You can see that the arrow is pointing towards a little speaker image in the bottom right-hand corner. When you start watching a video on Facebook that speaker is automatically muted - notice the small X by the image.  

​When the sound isn't muted you don't see the X, as shown in this image. 

 Once you have activated the speaker you will see a small bar where you can adjust the sound. 

 The other way to adjust the volume of the video is on your computer itself. You may have a keyboard with volume controls and/or you can adjust the volume on your screen. On my computer, which is a Mac, there is a small speaker image at the top of my screen. I can click on the image and use the sliding bar to change the volume. Your computer might differ from mine on where the volume control is located. You might take a minute and locate it before the broadcast so you are ready.

We now also upload these videos to our YouTube page and our website after the initial live broadcast. When watching this video format, the in-video volume control is at the bottom left-hand corner. It works the same as the Facebook. Again you might have to adjust the video volume as well as the computer volume. 

We love "seeing" you on Facebook and look forward to our next broadcast. We hope you are enjoying watching the videos as much as we are enjoying making them. Thanks!

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