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Make This With That Roundup Three


​Need more inspiration? Check out this roundup of #makethiswiththat inspiration. You'll see ideas for everything from Tahoe Pants to the Berwick St. Tunic. 

This week's #makethiswiththat is all about wide-leg pants. I have a real soft spot for Palazzo pants, and this ready-to-wear pair are SO GOOD! Now I totally want to make a copycat pair using our Tahoe Pants pattern. I love wearing the Tahoe - I feel so glamorous and flowy, while also feeling like I'm wearing pajamas because they are super comfortable. It's a super-glam win. 

It's time for a little #makethiswiththat inspiration! Recreate the casual but chic vibe of this fab summer outfit with a blousy Balboa Shirt in a light Chambray and a striped pair of West End Pants. Although the West Ends' are cropped, it would be super easy to lengthen and widen the pants to your preferred Palazzo look. 

Today's #makethiswiththat inspiration is an elegant ready-to-wear ensemble. You could easily recreate this look with a soft grey sweater-knit Chateau Coat and black Pencil Pants

You know how you wait all winter for warm weather, thinking you can throw off all your jackets and cardigans for tank tops? And then you go inside anywhere and it is ICE COLD from air conditioning? Yep. You still have to layer, even in the summer. ...
That is why I chose this lovely ready-to-wear look for our #makethiswiththat. Can't you just see a lovely light pink Eureka Top over a printed Ivy Top? It's light enough to be outside but layered to protect you against the dreaded air conditioning freeze. 

 I found this ready-to-wear look and thought it was so cool. Also, look at that teal hair! I totally want teal hair! Anyway, I never thought about layering a graphic Eureka Shirt over a classic white Berwick St. Tunic, but I think it could totally make a similar look. It's all about the drape though, so I'm thinking rayon would be the way to go for the fabric.

I love this bright #makethiswiththat inspiration! Pair a striped Frankie Shirt with a bold printed pair of Pencil Pants. While the ready-to-wear pants shown are a woven, the Pencil Pants are designed to be worn as a knit. However, there are some fabulous large print knits out now, which would be perfect for this look.

You guys, check out this sleeveless ready-to-wear moto-style jacket. It's so good, isn't it? I love the double stitching details on the seam lines. You could totally #makethiswiththat using our Brando Jacket pattern! Leave off the sleeves (you'll have to make a facing) and add topstitching details. Wear it on it's own for summer or as a layering piece for colder weather.  

There is so much to love about this week's #makethiswiththat inspiration. I mean, that shirt is so fab, I think it is definitely worth recreating and it wouldn't be too difficult. Using the Zen Shirt pattern, all you need to do is lengthen the body and shorten the sleeves. You could even make the sleeves a little fuller if you really want that boxy look.

Today's #makethiswiththat is a classic look - the London look, if you will. We've made the London Shirt in colors, prints, rayons and knits but we've never tried a classic white shirting. This similar ready-to-wear shirt makes me think it is time to try it. But, since it is hard for me to go plain white, so I'm thinking our white dot on white shirting fabric might be the way to go. 

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