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Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along Part Six: Finishing the Berwick!


Welcome back to the Berwick St. Tunic Sew Along. Today is the day when we finish the project! If you have been sewing along with us, we would love to see the photos of your Berwick. Share them on Instagram with the hashtag #berwicksewalong. Now, let's get sewing...

​It is time to finish the bottom and side vent hems that we pressed earlier. To do so, start by re-pressing along the same lines.

To form the miter at the vent corner, press the adjacent hems on top of one another at the corner. Place one pin in the hem allowance only, perpendicular to the hem fold. Place a second pin in the opposite hem fold at the intersection of the two hems. The two pins will form an "X".

Open out the folds, keeping the turndown in place. 

With the right sides together, match the pins at the folded edges. Mark a diagonal line from the pins to the point where the creaseline meets the diagonal fold.

Sew from the pins to the point, backstitching at both ends. Trim to ⅜″.

Press the seam open over the narrow wood rail of a point presser

Turn the corner to the outside. Use a point turner to refine the point if needed. 

Lightly press the miter and hem in place. By the way, the photos illustrating this process are from the Sew Confident! tutorial Perfect Corners. Not only does this tutorial teach you how to make mitered corners, but it also teaches techniques for five other corner configurations: Right Angle, Acute, Curve - double layer, Curve - single layer and a 45° miter. 

​Before you begin topstitching around the hem, chalk mark your stitching line on the wrong side of the vent hem. Then, place a pin in the seam on the outside of the garment. Note that this won't necessarily match the seam on the inside. This will act as a guide for you to sew an even point that meets at the seam. 

Now, starting at one corner, topstitch the hem in a continuous line, including the vents. 

Sew buttonholes on the Collar Band and Sleeve Bands as marked. Then sew your buttons along the Left Front and to the Collar and Sleeve Bands. And, we are finished! I hope you enjoy wearing your Berwick - I know I will. I'll see you back here for another Sew Along soon!

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