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Cottage Shirt Sew Along Part Three: Sewing the Back, Yoke, & Shoulder Seams


​Welcome back to the Cottage Shirt Sew Along! Today we are going to tackle sewing the back, yoke and shoulder seams using the "burrito" method. Why is it called the burrito you ask? Well, there is a lot of rolling involved in this fun technique that creates a perfectly enclosed back yoke. And when you are finished, you might find yourself so satisfied with how your shirt is looking that you can treat yourself to a real burrito! (Extra guacamole, please!)

 Finish the side seam edge of BACK (2). Press ⅝ʺ to the wrong side along the bottom edge. Fold the bottom hem to the wrong side an even 6ʺ, matching dots. Press

 Staystitch the neck edge of each Back Yoke (3).

With right sides together, matching notches, machine baste outer Back Yoke to Back.  

​With the right side of the inner Back Yoke to the wrong side of the Back, matching notches, sew inner Back Yoke to Back using previous basting as a guide. Trim Seam. We find it helpful to clearly mark the outer and inner back yokes. 

With right sides together, sew Front to outer Back Yoke ONLY at the shoulder seam.  

Place the right side of the garment face up on a work table. Roll the Back up and into outer Back Yoke area.  

 Roll each Front up and into same outer Back Yoke area. Make sure the rolls are small enough to allow you to see and sew the previously sewn shoulder seams. 

 Bring the inner Back Yoke up and over the rolls, matching the outer Back Yoke shoulder seams and notches. The right side of the inner Back Yoke is sewn to the wrong side of the Front and the right side of the outer Back Yoke. Sew the shoulder seam using the previous stitching as a guide. Trim seam. 

​Pull both Fronts and the Back through the armhole openings. Press seams. Machine baste neck and armhole edges together. 

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