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Icon Vest: Linda's Favorite New Garment


On a recent trip to Mulberry Silks in Carlboro, NC, I saw Nancy Quaintance in yet again one of her fabulous creations. She was wearing an Icon Shirt as a vest made in a combination of leather and wool. I was so enchanted with it, that I came home and made one for myself in a Chocolate Brown Cloque.

Then Kathy made another one in my color of green with a purple iridescent hue to it. It has been a real hit around the office and on the road.


The pattern work is so easy. I simply deleted the sleeves and cut new facings for the armholes using the width of the front and neck facings as my guide.

I've put together a few simple instructions so you can create your own Icon Vest. You can download the file HERE.


Enjoy! And don't forget to send us pictures of you in your very own Icon Vest!

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