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Leopard Spot eTee

Leopard Spot eTee

​Here's a different take on Leopard Print! 

​We get some really interesting fabrics from Japan. This knit jacquard is stable and medium weight - perfect for a flattering and slimming (and quirky and cute!) eTee. Kathy made this shirt and it has been a hit with customers at all our workshops recently. She also washed the fabric and said it comes out beautifully - you don't have to worry about shrinkage.

These jacquards are only 34" wide, so you'll need 2 yards to make an eTee. Pay attention to the leopard placement when you lay out your pattern front and you'll be all set.  

There are two options in the same type of jacquard available but both have very limited quantities - you should pounce on this fabric before it's gone!

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