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Not Too Floral Ivy

Not Too Floral Ivy

When my sister wanted a tunic to match her new leggings, I chose a combo with a floral print. Since some people really dislike florals, I made sure to check with her first. She agreed it would be acceptable in small doses and not near her face!

The Ivy Tunic is perfect for playful fabric combinations. I narrowed down my choices to two options, but one combo really stood out as a better match for Carissa's new leggings. I chose a super soft navy jersey, a mini stripe, and the burgundy floral.

I only made one change to the pattern. I didn't like the stripe as the sleeve band right next to the stripe insert on the left sleeve, so I used the floral for the sleeve bands instead.

The finished Ivy is a great fit and Carissa and I were both very happy with the final look!

Plaid Flannel Florence Shirt
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