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Sew Confident! 2016

Sew Confident! 2016

Inspiration The process of being mentally stimulated to do, feel or imagine something, especially to do something creative.

Presentation We put together a fun presentation all about Sew Confident! 2016. You can download your own copy of this presentation HERE.

What is a Year of Inspiration? We have quite the year in store for you! Year 5 will give you month after month of inspirational instruction. Each tutorial brings you creative expressions and artistic looks into our pattern collection, giving you new ideas for making our patterns unique to you and special additions to your wardrobe. Along with our team of inspired designers, several nationally-known artists will share their talents and execute amazing garments. Excited and want to learn more? Download more information here.

Artist Series Get ready to be inspired by designers and artists using Sewing Workshop patterns to construct innovative garments. Learn their techniques to create your own! Can't wait to sign up? Click HERE for Sew Confident! Year of Inspiration.

Meet the Artist Get to know each artist we feature, their inspiration, process, techniques and finally, their complete garments! Here's a glimpse into Kathy Davis, an artist that will be featured in 2016.

Pattern Collection 2016 will feature so many Sewing Workshop patterns, so be sure to stock up on your collection! The feature patterns this year will be the Soho Coat, Zona Jacket and the Tremont Jacket. The Sew Confident! Pattern Package is available now, click HERE to purchase!

Not Too Floral Ivy
Chicago Jacket French Terry Topper