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Quincy Top Button Front Variation


I don't always want a zipper closure on the Quincy Top. I can't always find the exact color and length of separating zipper - at least quickly. Also, the fabric that I used, EBL004 Linen - Frosty Pink & Green, was so soft and semi-sheer, that I thought a zipper would be too heavy. So it is possible to convert the front to a button closure with some simple adjustments.

1. The front button plackets can be attached after the rest of the garment is completed.

2. Construct the garment following the guide sheet with two exceptions - do not finish the ends of the collar and don't insert the zipper. The center fronts will be unfinished at this point.

3. After you have attached the collar and hemmed the top, measure the center front from the top of the collar to the bottom of the finished garment. Add 1 1/4" (two seam allowances).

4. Cut two pieces of fabric the length from above by 4 1/4" wide. This will make a 1 1/2"-wide finished placket.

5. Press each strip in half with the wrong sides together. Press one long edge under 5/8".

6. Pin the unfolded edge to the right side of each front edge, centering it so there are seam allowance extensions at the top and bottom. Stitch the plackets to the fronts.

7. Fold the top and bottom ends back on themselves at the foldline with right sides together. Stitch across the top and bottom edges (5/8" seam allowance). Trim, press seam open, and turn the placket to the right side.

8. Pin the folded edge of the placket, just covering the stitching line. Slipstitch the placket in place.

9. Starting 1/4" below the neck seam, stitch five vertical buttonholes 3 3/4" apart down the center of the right placket. Sew the corresponding buttons to the left placket.




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