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Linen Gauze Bristol Top

Linen Gauze Bristol Top

​This is the perfect look to transition from summer to fall weather. I'm starting to layer, but still want lightweight options. This has quickly become one of my favorite ensembles!

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Any Excuse to Wear Sequins!


I love this time of year! December is in full swing with holiday parties, sparkling decorations, delicious winter treats and time with family & friends.  What do you think I look forward to most about these holiday festivities?

Sequins! Lace! Shimmer!

I'm not typically that fancy but there's something about sequins that brighten a cold winter day.

Something must have gotten into Linda and Kathy as well. Most of our Eureka Tops are perfect for special occasions!


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Reverse Your Color Emphasis



For years I have worn basic colors of black, brown and charcoal on the bottom in pants and skirts. I have a closet full of them. But a new concept has been introduced this fall season. Reverse the color emphasis and wear your signature color on the bottom and keep the tops neutral.

Finding your signature color is actually pretty easy. While is a nice idea to "get your colors done", I am more inclined to listen to my own instincts and pay attention to what I am drawn to and to listen to what people say to me. If someone says, "You look tired.", then I definitely have on the wrong color. But if I hear, "Have you just returned from vacation? You look so rested.", then I know I am wearing "my" color.

My favorite color is a greyed yellow green that seems not to have a name but is something like a mustard olive (thanks to the paint company, Benjamin Moore). So I worked with the lovely new Ponte Knits that have arrived in our warehouse/studio this fall and made the Quincy Top in a dark charcoal and used my favorite color to make the Quincy Pants.

I know that I can't wear a blue pink/purple/magenta, but I love the color. So thanks to the fashion pros, I have permission to wear this zany color on my feet. And I love it!

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Sewing on the Prairie


I had a great time yesterday sewing with my friends in the most fabulous sewing space on the Kansas prairie near Hutchinson, Kansas. Karna Lackey, the owner of the most fabulus studio at the end of a dirt road, and Bebe Bass hosted the event for nine ladies. We fit patterns, made Quincy Tops, and ate real food. We all need more days like this one.

Quincy Tops in the making.

Karen and I pretending to be really interested in those scissors.

Karna in front of her personal sewing "barn" that she lets us invade.

This is the fabric that most of the ladies used. Check out

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Quincy Top Button Front Variation


I don't always want a zipper closure on the Quincy Top. I can't always find the exact color and length of separating zipper - at least quickly. Also, the fabric that I used, EBL004 Linen - Frosty Pink & Green, was so soft and semi-sheer, that I thought a zipper would be too heavy. So it is possible to convert the front to a button closure with some simple adjustments.

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Summer Linen Sale!


The weather is toasty warm! This calls for light, airy fabrics in vivid pinks, greens and blues.  Or if light, pale hues are more your style, stick to soft pastels or "faded" vintage plaids. 


Here's how Linda stays cool in the Kansas humidity.

White Linen pants are a must! Top them off with a sheer button-down shirt or a short sleeve vest. I'm loving pink this summer! Can't get enough of it!


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How Do You Wear the Quincy?


We received such positive feedback with the How Do You Wear the Tosca Dress, we decided to do it again with our latest love, Quincy Top & Pants.




Linda, Kathy & Erin each have their own unique style. We decided put together a few looks to introduce our latest pattern, the Quincy Top & Pants. Three different people, wearing the same pattern in completely different ways. 

Read More for style tips from Linda, Kathy & Erin.......

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