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Reverse Your Color Emphasis



For years I have worn basic colors of black, brown and charcoal on the bottom in pants and skirts. I have a closet full of them. But a new concept has been introduced this fall season. Reverse the color emphasis and wear your signature color on the bottom and keep the tops neutral.

Finding your signature color is actually pretty easy. While is a nice idea to "get your colors done", I am more inclined to listen to my own instincts and pay attention to what I am drawn to and to listen to what people say to me. If someone says, "You look tired.", then I definitely have on the wrong color. But if I hear, "Have you just returned from vacation? You look so rested.", then I know I am wearing "my" color.

My favorite color is a greyed yellow green that seems not to have a name but is something like a mustard olive (thanks to the paint company, Benjamin Moore). So I worked with the lovely new Ponte Knits that have arrived in our warehouse/studio this fall and made the Quincy Top in a dark charcoal and used my favorite color to make the Quincy Pants.

I know that I can't wear a blue pink/purple/magenta, but I love the color. So thanks to the fashion pros, I have permission to wear this zany color on my feet. And I love it!

One more point, the term ponte is not in any textile dictionary that I own. So I can only imagine that it is a marketing term established by the companies that manufacture this type of fabric. Whatever the origin, this is a fantastic fabric. It is easy to sew, requires no edge finishing, is comfortable to wear in all seasons, and launders nicely. I can't think of a better fabric for this season.

View a wonderful selection of Ponte Knits in a variety of colors.

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