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Sequin Skirt Inspiration

Sequin Skirt Inspiration

Sequins. It's the perfect festive addition to your wardrobe and we've got the perfect pairing for you!

You're seeing it all over the internet and we're here to tell you - we've got the look!

(Pictured from left to right Garnet Hill, Garnet Hill, JCrew, Pinterest)

​Get Erin's Look:

Pattern: Oasis Skirt

Fabric: Silver Sequin Swirl

Here's what we did:

  • The Oasis Skirt was shortened to 34"in length. It was shortened at the top so as to not interrupt the placket detail. 
  • Bemberg rayon (lining) was used for the slit facing (pattern piece #2) to reduce the bulk, finish, reinforce the slit placket and to face the waistband for comfort (Note: the sequin fabric might be a little irritating). You can use any smooth silky fabric here. 
  • The calculations for cutting waistband facing are based on using 1 ¼"-wide elastic. On the top of the skirt, cut off the amount allowed for waistband casing, leaving a seam allowance. Cut a strip of casing fabric 2 ½" wide x the circumference of the waistline plus two seam allowances.
  • Press 1/2" to the wrong side on one long edge.
  • Press the seam allowances on the two short sides 5/8" to the wrong side.
  • Starting at the side seam, sew the top edge (unpressed) to the top of the skirt. Trim the seam, press the seam open, and press the facing strip to the wrong side.

  • Topstitch the folded edge of the casing to the skirt.
  • Insert the elastic through the opening in the casing at the side seam. Connect the ends of the elastic. Then, slipstitch the casing opening closed.

Other notes:

  • This snazzy fabric pressed well and stitched-up easily. No need to be intimidated!
  • For the side seam, the raw edges were serged first using 3-thread serging. The seam was then sewn and pressed open.
  • For the hem technique, turn  ¼"  to the wrong side down and then hem pressed in place. Topstitch to make a finished hem. 
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