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Sew Confident! Starting the Year Off Right!

Sew Confident! Starting the Year Off Right!
What a great start to our Year of Inspiration for Sew Confident! 2016. With a variety of topics, the inspiration will be limitless. From double-layer coats, to a curvy woman's wardrobe. Let's get started!

​Our own resident artist, Kathy Davis, demonstrates this graphic raw-edge, outside seam technique on the Now Shirt which she converted into a longer topper coat.

Over the last 12 years Kathy Davis has taught me so much. The advice that has made the biggest impact on my sewing - take your time. Precision won't come when you're rushed, so slow down. That type of precision shines through in her tutorial.

The simple lines of the Now Shirt pattern make it the perfect starting point for design adjustments. It also looks fabulous on so many women, worn cropped or lengthened. Which moves us into February - A Curvy Woman's Wardrobe by Melissa Greene.

​We all have our strengths, that part of our body that we love and want to show off. Knowing your body, your measurements is key to garment sewing. That is one thing Melissa knows well. She knows the silhouettes that she loves, the patterns that will look best on her or how to modify the designs she wants to wear.

Our lovely model, Marilyn, was professional from the start and the camera loved her. Every garment she tried on was a success - Liberty Pullover, Tremont (Jacket) Vest to the Ann's (Cardigan) Vest, Valencia Pants to the Eureka Skirt. You'll have the see the images to understand the impact of good fit.

The year is just getting started. Thank you to our fabulous designers so far, Kathy Davis and Melissa Greene. More creative forces coming your way, so stay tuned! 

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