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Working Wall

Working Wall

Our biggest show of the year is fast approaching: Sewing and Stitchery Expo 2016 in Puyallup, Washington!

All the talk at the studio is about Puyallup. Who is going to wear what? Which garments should we highlight on our display wall? What colors do we think are going to resonate with you this year?

We use this working wall to get a visual sense of our booth display. It evolves each week (sometimes each day!) leading up to the show. Usually it starts with more bolts of fabric than garments as we decide what samples to make. Our newest patterns must be represented, a variety of fabrics, and of course a gorgeous color palette. It gets interesting when every person in the studio has a different opinion!

Update 1/27/16. From left to right: Chicago Jacket with Trio T-shirt, print Liberty Shirt, magenta Pearl with Trio T-shirt, yellow Opal with eTee, multi eJacket, combo Odette, blueberry Alex, orange Zona, print Florence, teal Tremont over MixIt, mint Bristol, Now topper coat (part of Sew Confident! 2016), print Florence.

​In order to sell fabric at a show full of fabrics, we strive to offer the best quality fabrics in interesting color choices. Sometimes our favorites can't be re-ordered so this part can get tricky. Once we decide what to offer, all the pieces have to be cut into the right yardage amounts. It's a lot of work cutting all the yardage, labeling and packaging it all to ship out in advance. Luckily, our friend Linda W. has been able to help us out.

Fabric bundles cut and ready for purchase.

We also launch our new pattern at Puyallup - a first look and an excellent opportunity to see the pattern made in different fabrics and modeled on different people. This pattern can be worn a number of ways... Are you getting excited to see it?

Sneak peak of our new pattern in cotton sateen with some fantastic wool/rayon boucle color choices.

The preparations are underway. Will we see you there?

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