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Stafford Jacket Sew Along Part 8: Hems and Snaps!


 Welcome to the FINAL post of the Stafford Sew Along! Today we are going to finish the garment by hemming, adding buttons to the Flaps and sewing on the snaps. We thank everyone who has joined us through this Stafford Sew Along, and remember, if you didn't have the time to actually sew along with us, you can go back and reference these posts whenever you are ready to make your own Stafford. Let's get sewing! 

Press the bottom hem in place. Use a chalk marker (we love our Chakoners from Japan) to draw a line 1 ½" from the bottom edge along the inner fold. Topstitch along this line. Then topstitch a final stitching line 1/4" from the bottom edge. We like to use a special presser foot that has a quarter inch toe with a guide bar to sew an even distance from the edge.

 Sew one button over each uncut buttonhole on the Flaps and sew through all layers. 

Sew the "male" snaps along the tailor tacked marks on the face of the left side of the garment. On the right front of the jacket, sew the "female" snaps to the wrong side of the jacket. When stitching the female snaps, be sure to guide the needle through the top layer of fabric only, so you don't see any stitching on the right side of the jacket.

Secure your Pockets by tacking them to the interior seam allowance. Stitch through the seam allowance only so the stitching does not show on the outside of the jacket. 

And we are finished! When you finish your own Stafford, please share it on our Sew Along Facebook Group, we would love to see your project. 

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