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Stitching Progress

Kathy Alabama-Chanin1WEB

Inspiration. Admiration. Creativity. Drive. Ambition.

After leaving a weekend filled with all these feelings, one can't imagine going home and doing anything else. You return home after being so inspired by sewing projects, friends/co-workers talents and skills, your own creativity being pulled out of hibernation that you imagine the feeling will last forever. But to continue that drive once reality sets in is hard, to say the least.

That's the beauty of our Alabama Chanin retreat. You can work on your projects, little by little. Slow, hand sewing is therapeutic after a stressful day. So no matter how long your project takes to complete, the feeling of inspiration doesn't go away. Once you complete one project, you're excited to move onto the next.

Completed Projects



Notice the detail around the neck binding. I love the strong contrast between the embroidery floss on the bodice vs. the button craft thread stitching throughout the skirt. Exquisite work Sue!

SueKristiansen-ACDress10.14WEB   SueKristiansen-ACDress10.14WEB2


Kathy Alabama-Chanin-3WEB

Kathy Alabama-Chanin-2WEB


PaulaMcPhee AC Coat10.14WEB

These women have completed their first Alabana Chanin journey and they're ready for more.

Progress? Just as important as the completion. Way to go ladies!

Nora working in a beautiful setting.

NoraRader ACProjectWEB



Keep up the good work. Send more pictures our way!

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