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Sweater Knit Verona Jacket-Free Tutorial


I just can't stop sewing.  Those creative juices are flowing!!!

Next stop, the Verona Jacket.  The Verona Jacket has always been "uncharted territory" for me.  It's a little more fitted than I would normally choose to wear.  I like more movement & flexibility in my clothing.  But this is such a great pattern, I needed to find a fabric that would make this garment work for me.  Then we received the most amazing heavy-weight wool knits, in floral.  I couldn't resist.

I've decided to share these fun modifications with all of our customers.

Download the Verona Jacket Modification Tutorial here

You can use this technique with any medium to heavy-weight sweater knit.  Try these techniques with boiled wool, wool jersey, stable knits & sweater knits.


You can also get your very own Verona Jacket Kit: Sweater Knit.  Kit includes two fabrics: Floral Sweater Knit & Damask Sweater Knit, plus the Verona Jacket pattern!

Limited time only! Very few kits available!

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