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The Fabrics are Pouring In.......

Just when we thought activities would wind down around here for the holidays, we get an unexpected surprise!  Fabrics are just pouring in this week!  So we're starting off with the most unique first, textured jacquard weaves from France.  Here's a little more detail from Linda herself......

We just received some very unusual jacquard weave fabrics from France. The textured weaves are quite detailed and the colors are so rich. I can't wait to make a simple shirt like the Zen Shirt, the Liberty Shirt or a MixIt Shirt to wear as a jacket. Or the Tosca Dress always works well in purple jacquard. All of them are washable and won't wrinkle.  Very limited yardages available.

Here's a few similar styles just to give you an idea.....

Then let your imagination run wild!

MixItShirt-dotpucci   5-1130-3

Left: Jacquard MixIt Shirt, Pucci MixIt Top

Right: Jacquard - Purple Dusk & Thyme


5-1130-4   5-1130-1

Top: Purple Jacquard Tosca Dress

Left: Jacquard Crush - Purple & Black   Right: Crinkle Jacquard - Purple & Grey


Here's a few more jacquards, just in case you're craving more!

5-1130-2   5-1130-10

Left: Jacquard Plaid - Taupe & Grey Right: Cotton Jacquard - Burgundy & Grey

Happy Shopping!

Also enjoy Free Shipping all weekend long!


**Domestic Orders Only**

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