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Winter Sweater Knit Workshop

We love our new pattern, the Ann's Cardigan & apparently so do you!  We just completed our first Winter Sweater Workshop using the Ann's Cardigan. Since this workshop was such a great success we've decided to offer another one in May to create a Spring Cardigan!

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The Ann's Cardigan class was very inspirational!  We had a full house with 14 participants, each with a complete cardigan by the end of the day.  Sewing the Ann's Cardigan is quite relaxing with an ultra flattering end result.

What a good looking group! I love how each person (well, almost each person-the Caramel & Brown Floral Wool Knit was quite popular) created a different look using the same pattern.  Such versatility in one style!

AnnsCardigan-AnimalPrintWEB   AnnsCardigan-BlackStripeWEB

Linda (left): Animal Print Wool Knit Ann's Cardigan

Kathy (right): Black & Grey Striped Knit Ann's Cardigan

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AnnsCardigan-ClessieClassWEB   AnnsCardigan-JamieClassWEB

Clessie (left): Rose Cotton Sweater Knit Ann's Cardigan, Digital Print Knit Ann's Tank

Jamie (right): Citrus Green Viscose Knit Ann's Cardigan

AnnsCardigan-JennieClassWEB   AnnsCardigan-SueClassWEB

Jennie (left): Caramel & Brown Floral Wool Knit Ann's Cardigan

Susan (right): Caramel & Brown Floral Wool Knit Ann's Cardigan


AnnsCardigan-KarinClassWEB   AnnsCardigan-MargaretClassWEB

Karin (left): Pink Wool Boucle Ann's Cardigan

Maragret (right): Ruby Rayon Sweater Knit Ann's Cardigan

AnnsCardigan-PattyClassWEB   AnnsCardigan-KarenClassWEB

Patty (left): Ice Blue Light-weight Terry Cloth Ann's Cardigan

Karen (right): Burnt Orange Wool Sweater Knit Ann's Cardigan


Thank you ladies for a fun & energetic workshop! Come by & see us for another Workshop.

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