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The Hoodless West End


I've always liked the look of the West End Jacket. It is a great looking, casual jacket that can be thrown over anything. However, I am not a fan of a hood, so I have avoided making it. But when I was thinking about making a garment using our fabulous Palm Tree fabric, I decided that it was time to tackle a woven, hoodless version of the West End. Creating the jacket without the hood was incredibly simple, involving just a few tweaks to the pattern. Read along to see how I did it and make your own!

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Textile Collage with Mandy Patullo


Somewhere along the line, I became interested in making small fabric collages using scraps of fabrics left over from my days as an interior designer and also incorporating vintage textiles collected along the way. This has now become such a passion for me that I am willing to travel a very long way to take classes from expert artists in this field. My favorite is Mandy Pattullo, who lives and works in the UK.

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Stafford Jacket Sew Along Part 8: Hems and Snaps!


 Welcome to the FINAL post of the Stafford Sew Along! Today we are going to finish the garment by hemming, adding buttons to the Flaps and sewing on the snaps. We thank everyone who has joined us through this Stafford Sew Along, and remember, if you didn't have the time to actually sew along with us, you can go back and reference these posts whenever you are ready to make your own Stafford. Let's get sewing! 

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Stafford Jacket Sew Along Part Seven: Sewing the Sleeves


 Welcome to the Stafford Sew Along part seven - today we are going to attach the sleeves. If you are just joining us, be sure to look back to the previous the Stafford Sew Along posts. If you have been sewing with us this whole time, then you are almost finished! We will have one more post, and then you can wear your fabulous new spring jacket. Let's get sewing!

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Stafford Jacket Sew Along Part Six: Sewing the Collar


Welcome back to the Stafford Sew Along! In this post we will walk through how to attach the collar. If you are just joining us, be sure to check out Part One: Cutting and Marking, Part Two: Topstitching Tips, Part Three: Sewing the Front, Part Four: Sewing the Pocket, and Part Five: Sewing the Back. Now let's get sewing! 

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