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Turning your sewing pattern collection into a searchable database


As sewists there are two big things we collect patterns and fabric. I mean, we just can't help it, right? Now, how often do you buy a new pattern or fabric only to put it away when you get home and forget about it? I do that all the time. But I've discovered an easy way to put my sewing patterns and fabric collection in a database so I can easily see what I have and what I need. 

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The Chateau Velvet Reverse Appliqué Jacket


​Increasingly, Pinterest is my go-to place for fashion inspiration. You can search decades, genres, or designers and thousands of pictures come up – you may end up looking at designers you've never even heard of. I've had a gorgeous coat, designed by Eloise Ptito-Echeverria, pinned to the top of my fashion inspiration page for months. I kept going back to it and one day it hit me - I could do something similar with the Chateau Coat! When a gorgeous cranberry Wool Melton arrived at our door I knew it was time to bring my idea to life. Read on to learn how I created my version of a Chateau reverse appliqué jacket. 

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Picasso Top & Pants Sew Along Part Five: Finishing the Pant


Welcome to the final post of the Picasso Sew Along! Last week we created the Picasso Top and this week we started the Pants, which we will finish today. I'm eager to see how the outfit looks together, so let's get sewing!

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Picasso Top & Pants Sew Along Part Four: Starting the Pants


Welcome back to the Picasso Sew Along! Last week we finished the Picasso Top and today we will start on the Picasso Pants. Let's get started!

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Picasso Top & Pants Sew Along Part Three: Neck Binding, Sleeves and Hem


Welcome to the Picasso Sew Along Part Three. In this post we will finish the Picasso Top by constructing and adhering the neck binding, sleeves and finishing the hem. Let's get started!

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